Kalibar: the ambitious beat maker looking to work with Joeboy

As a channel dedicated to highlighting all things Afrobeat we are constantly trawling the internet for the next interesting talent to uncover. This week we found Ebenezer Ofei, a 22 years old, Ghanaian music producer or “beat maker”, as he would describe himself.

Ebenezer, also known as “Kalibar”, dreams of working with Joeboy one day. In his own words:

“Beat making is one of the things I have always wanted to do since childhood. My inspiration came from two of Ghana’s finest producers: Drum Roll and Kuvie. They gave me that hope to be different.”

His journey has not been without challenges. He has received his fare share of rejections and doors shut in his face. He works with almost nothing due to not having his own studio equipment. In his own words:

“I don’t have any studio equipment, it’s just me and my laptop. Secondly, my attempts to contact some of the known artistes I want to work with has not yet been successful. They either ignore my messages or they tell me they are not interested because, I don’t have that much following on my socials”

Ebenezer told us he uses just his laptop and “FL Studio” to make his beats. He is currently a student of GH Media School in Ghana. He is studying TV/Film Production.

Kalibar can be reached on his social profiles: Instagram, Twitter

The following are sample audios from his YouTube channel.

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