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  • We may set up additional interviews conducted via a recorded Zoom session or via a written response to additional questionnaires we email to you. You may still choose to answer the questions via a self recorded video (recommended).
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  • Apart from on this blog, finished interviews (written or video) will be published on our Instagram: [@AfrobeatArena] Twitter: [@AfrobeatArena] and Facebook: [@AfrobeatArena] and maybe on our YouTube channel: [AfrobeatArena]
  • For self recorded videos:
    • We prefer the horizontal wide shot. You can use your phone or any equipment. Make sure you have very good lighting. No dark videos please.
    • Record in multiple clips (to allow easy upload). Keep each clip / answer short – like maximum 2 minute. Name each video file with your name for example “emeka_ike1”, “emeka_ike2” … Send the video files to submit@afrobeatarena.com
    • RELAX its not an exam. Have fun!


Choose how you want to proceed with this questionnaire
maybe a shout out from a big celeb, cash injection, equipment etc
financial or social etc
If you are a musician, this is a good place to add links to your videos on YouTube or links to a music service like Spotify. Or just add your YouTube channel link and say "Please use any videos".
Any other information we missed to ask about above.

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